How Voodoo manages in-game assets with Starton

How Voodoo manages in-game assets with Starton

"When you have expertise and face immediate challenges, you truly understand why Starton is the solution. We encountered several challenges with NFTs. From keeping track of NFTs without losing the nonce to ensuring compatibility with Opensea while managing gas fees, integrating blockchain on production proved to be a hurdle which is why today, I believe Starton has a solid product to tackle the market." - Arthur Guérin, Blockchain Tech Lead, Voodoo.

With its innovative and addictive games, Voodoo has made a significant mark as a leading French video game developer and publisher in the mobile gaming industry. Since its establishment in 2013, has become synonymous with crafting titles that captivate players with their simplicity and engaging gameplay. With a focus on hyper-casual gaming, titles like "Helix Jump" and "" have gained billions of downloads worldwide. Voodoo aims at empowering studios in crafting captivating gameplays and bringing blockchain games to mobile users.

Voodoo’s technical goal was to enable studios to incorporate blockchain into their mobile games without prior knowledge. So, the aim was to simplify the entire connection. Voodoo did not start with us, and the team encountered several challenges. Firstly, they had to keep track of NFTs without dropping the nonce. To execute a new transaction on the blockchain, previous transactions must be tracked. Many providers struggle with managing this aspect. Then, Voodoo had to choose between the custodial and non-custodial approach. While custodial solutions offer many benefits, they also create complications for players in many aspects. Additionally, they had to find out how to sell in-app NFTs while ensuring compatibility with Opensea. Finally, managing gas fees proved to be a hurdle. The reality is that beyond an MVP, there were customization issues and scalability concerns.

Starton has proven to be quite impressive in managing a large number of minted NFTs simultaneously. Voodoo has engineered a tool that seamlessly integrates with Unity and enables interaction with EVM chains. This tool handles the process, offering the ability to generate all possible combinations, manage rarity bundling, and more. Essentially, studios don't have to deal with any WEB3 elements. In their live applications, this tool is currently leveraging Starton Storage to upload metadata.

Voodoo is already planning to switch to Relayer when ready to scale their initiative. Overall, in terms of scalability and customization, Starton was the best choice for the team once they had matured on the topic.

At Starton, we ensure proper management of NFTs which enables accurate tracking of transactions on the blockchain. We understand the importance of tracking transactions accurately, and we are confident in our ability to do so.

We also address the challenge of managing gas fees, by implementing with our pre-chain management engine, Starton Relayer, to avoid any impact on the overall user experience. By implementing efficient gas fee management strategies, we aim at optimizing the transaction process and minimize associated costs for users, ensuring a seamless experience.

Starton recognizes the potential complications introduced for players by custodial solutions, even though they have their merits. We offer a solution that balances the benefits of non-custodial solutions while mitigating any effect on user experience.

Lastly, Starton overcame compatibility with Opensea by creating smart contracts natively compatible with many NFT marketplaces. Our seamless integration enables studios to tap into a broader market for their NFT-based games with ease, and we are confident in the quality of our solution.

Voodoo is just getting started and we are proud to witness and support their initiatives front row as they continue bringing WEB3 to mobile gaming.

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