Launching Starton Connect

Starton is a startup born in march 2020 initially as a blockchain-based, white label tokenization platform.

Launching Starton Connect

Starton is a startup born in march 2020 initially as a blockchain-based, white label tokenization platform.

The idea was to provide a way for companies to tokenize any asset such as real estate or poker players’ revenue on the blockchain.

While our first product is a success, we realized during its development the burden of integrating blockchain technology into real world applications.

Dealing with automatic smart contract deployments, transactions, providers, watching for transaction completion etc … happened to require a lot of work in order master this complex technology.

This is why more than a year later, the team grew to 6 people in order to shift towards a bigger vision : make blockchain more accessible for developers and companies.

Today companies, developers and startups often can not afford to become blockchain specialists in order to integrate blockchain into their products.

This is why we present you : Starton Connect !

Blockchain development has never been this easy.

Connect is the brand new tools suite proposed by Starton that makes blockchain integration a piece of cake.

We now handle all of the blockchain’s complexity, from contract deployment to integrations with third party services without making any compromise on the security and efficiency inherent to blockchain technology.

With Connect you can interact with multiple blockchains through a single web interface and API.

You don’t have to bother with learning how to interact with blockchain X, we take care of it.

Just call a few endpoints and BOOM, you’re live !


Here is a brief description of the services offered by Connect :

  • Deploy : Enables you to deploy a smart contract either from one of our audited templates or by importing yours
  • Interact : Interact with your smart contract’s functions
  • Notify : Create watchers to look out for events on the blockchain and get notified when these events are triggered

In addition to these services we also propose third parties integrations such as Zapier, Discord, Slack … to make blockchain even more accessible !

For example you could :

  • Check balances or mint NFTs from your Discord chat
  • Integrate blockchain payments in your product
  • Create a NFT every time someone tweets you
  • Deploy a smart contract every time a customer buys something on your Shopify
  • Send SMS based on blockchain events
  • Trigger smart contracts’ functions by sending an SMS

If you want to see more of our product in action, just watch the following video (BETA version) :

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